Who is KONTRA?

KONTRA is a grass-roots project organising a yearly mini artfest that explores the boundaries between art and social activism and offers alternative ways of art making, partying and art management. We search for countercultures- Is there still anything that could classify as a counterculture, that breaks free from established norms of society to the point where it stimulates reflection?

We are KONTRA art being isolated from the social landscape; we believe it has the power of changing perceptions and therefore is a vital push for cross-[insert anything] understanding.

We are KONTRA singular artistic projects where the artists and the organizers stay separate; we invite everyone to be part of our creation, to share skills and ideas in a community we hope to keep on expanding.

We are KONTRA inertia and safety in expression, looking for fresh minds with strong heads and a desire to shape their surroundings, to explore new layers of their own potential.

We are KONTRA the reality of ‘artmaking for exposure’, striving for fair pay and transparency in business.

We are KONTRA the notion that success depends on the lottery of one’s birth; that said, we strive for including every race, every gender, every disability, every mental state, and every material status equally and with respect.

We are KONTRA the mundanity of partying, mixing visuals, music, and vibes in a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions.

We are KONTRA quick judgements and privileges, so our parties will feel safe. We don’t strive for that, it’s an essentiality. Whoever you are, you’re welcome, as long as you’re a kind human. Or just kind.

Our KONTRA #2 will happen on the 29th of November 2019 at Roodkapje, Rotterdam.

The call for entries for KONTRA #2 is now open and invites you to submit your proposal to co-create with us for one day a reality where everyone is welcome and KONTRA fallacy. Click here to submit your proposal until the 20th of October, at 23.59 pm.

KONTRA #2 is made possible by Thuis Op Straat and with the support of Roodkapje Rotterdam.