Counter KONTRA

I feel very counterproductive. I have no idea what to write. I just type down my thoughts. Like, for example, why did I drink a coffee at half past nine in the evening? I am wide awake. I have to get up tomorrow at 7 am. I am screwed.

So, let’s recall, shall we? Counter. From Latin ‘contra’, ‘in opposition to’.

I am in opposition to this text.

So, yeah, there is that.


Half of my mind is stirring up a pretty nice countermovement towards the other half: Down with the sickness! Down with the patriarchy!

We want Cheesecake!

Calm down, man. There is still some in the fridge.

Sweet! Thanks, man.

No problem, man.


My mind is male, my body has a vagina. They like to fuck each other up.

Doggy style, hittin’ it deep.

No pleasure, though. They are masochist assholes.

So, yeah, there is that.



Anyways, I am Judy. Welcome to KONTRA.

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