KONTRA – A Visual Essay

The Unimaginable Multiverse of Our Inner Utopian Dreamscape

Our society has reached the state of hyperreality, where rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have made it impossible for our consciousness to make a distinction between fact and fiction. 

We are pursued by tech companies, the Internet, Big Data and activity bracelets. Individuals can be reduced to likes, search results, and tweets. With selfies and Snapchat stories, we share our everyday lives with friends and strangers; we are always online, but rarely offline. What else is there left to explore? Via social media platforms, we have managed to create online versions of ourselves. 

Against all this, a phenomenon called unreality is about delving into the unknown, unquantified self via magic, crystals and tarot readings. Sound baths, cosmology, and post-reality visuals provide evasion from day-to-day routines. Embracing the unknown part of one’s identity is a counter-attack on what we are surrounded by today. 

The New New Age is defined by non-religious spirituality. We have lost faith in God in our ever-increasing secular society, however, we seek guidance from astrology and tarot cards. For millennials, being spiritual is cool in the Age of Information. 

“The Unimaginable Multiverse of Our Inner Utopian Dreamscape” is about examining an alternative reality where fortunetellers are as powerful as current tech CEOs and crystals are the new iPhones. Unreality is the new desired way of existing in the world. However, when does escapism lead to evanescence?

Sofia Nissilä


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